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Pakapoo is a platform which gives you the chance to win one full Bitcoin. Pakapoo – make your Bitcoin dream come true.

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Four steps to your Bitcoin

Follow our four simple steps to participate in the Pakapoo raffle and have the chance to win one full Bitcoin. 

Get a Ticket

When you buy a Ticket you participate in the Pakapoo Bitcoin Raffle. You also receive the image of a Bitcoin. Print it, frame it, hang it, to make this an unforgettable experience.

Join the Community

By joining the Pakapoo Community on our social channels you stay up to date with project. The drawing will be broadcast live on our channels.

Watch the Countdown

The Pakapoo countdown shows when the next raffle takes place. Watch it daily!



Once the countdown is up, the winner will be drawn  using Chainlink VRF for verification of randomness on the blockchain. Additionally, we will educate you to store the Bitcoin in your digital wallet.


Why Us?

We are an international transparent blockchain game with instant payouts and a fair ethical drawing process. Our aim is to bring Bitcon to everyone.

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Latest from the community

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Chainlink VRF integration

Hello fellow Pakapoo’ler,

In today’s update for the community we would like to update you on the new randomization tool our Blockchain team developed. This is great improvement or in other words the main improvement in the update of our platform.



Tech & Design Update LIVE

Hello hello Pakapoo’ler, 

here is the new post to keep you updated with the developments of the Pakapoo platform. After our successful test run in December 2021 we collected the feedback from all the participants in order to improve our platform.


Pakapoo Selects Custody Partner

Hello Pakapoo‘ler, 

whats cooking good looking? They say! We hope all is well with you! You know already our raffle concept is fair and transparent. So is our custody solution. Once a Pakapoo‘ler obtain its price, we assist you to set up a digital wallet so that you can be sure everything is in save hand and in your hand.